From a Cleaning Lady to a World Changing SoulSister

Hi! It’s me. Lady D. A Butterfly Lady! A soul, who was trapped for so many years (33 to be exact). Then I started to DREAM bigger and my new journey began. It was to be a roller coaster ride with the most amazing experiences. Today I fly from flower to flower. I fly freely… Continue reading From a Cleaning Lady to a World Changing SoulSister

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12 WEEKS FIT MAMA summer challenge!

This program is completly FREE and home based without any equipment required. It's designed for all mamas who wants to get back in shape and are at least 6 weeks postpartum. More about rules of the program you will get in the FB group. WHY THIS PROGRAM? In July 2016, after my baby was 6 months old… Continue reading 12 WEEKS FIT MAMA summer challenge!


4 YEARS in Stockholm – how did it go for us?

O boy, 4 years already ... 4 years of tears, breakdowns, finding our purposes, missions, doubts, etc ... but in this 4 years we have gone through a rollecoaster! It was a tough journey but we found our purpose and mission and our journey begins NOW and TODAY! I still remember year 2012 ... It… Continue reading 4 YEARS in Stockholm – how did it go for us?


What is it all about and how does it works?

I have started my Forever Business 1 year ago in May 2015 very slowly by learning everything about our new business opportunity, but however this year after having our 3rd baby in January, I have really focused on my goals and making plans for MY future and my family’s future. Before you scroll down to… Continue reading What is it all about and how does it works?


Aloe Sunscreen

Everything seems better when the sun shines, but this ‘silver lining’ brings its own cloud! With today’s knowledge of the dangers of over-exposure to the sun, we seek only the highest quality sun protection products available. Aloe Sunscreen provides just that! Combining modern science with natural ingredients, this effective sunscreen helps to soothe, lubricate, moisturize and… Continue reading Aloe Sunscreen

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Aloe Vera Gel

Pure stabilised aloe vera gel which is as close to the natural plant juice as possible, containing over 200 different compounds. This rich source of nutrients provides the perfect supplement to a balanced diet. Drink to promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being. Imagine slicing open an Aloe leaf and consuming the gel directly from the… Continue reading Aloe Vera Gel

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Essential oils for every day and every home

Product of July Month are essential oils and the fact that I’m really in love with them and that I use them each and every day, I started LIVE video blowing on my FB page Lifestyle by Dijana. I’m posting LIVE videos every day how to use essential oils in everyday situation. It’s easy, It’s fun and it’s… Continue reading Essential oils for every day and every home

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Chocolate & peppermint = my perfect raw truffles 

I love essential oils and even more I love chocolate. Fresh peppermint scent and chocolate are the best combination for summer. In our home we have a rule of "Saturday goodies" and that means that girls are allowed to eat as much as sugar they want 😄. Yeah, I know right! But, to make it… Continue reading Chocolate & peppermint = my perfect raw truffles 

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Get Ready for Summer and sun

No better way then to start you healthy journey right in the summer. We are positive, happy and ready for life changes. And that’s why I have prepared a wonderful  promotion for you. I combined some of our best products to great packs, which are including also giveaway products. PROMOTION N0. 1 3 x Aloe Vera… Continue reading Get Ready for Summer and sun


My outdoor office! 

Today everything went wrong! I woke up at 8.00 Am, 2 hours later than usual, girls woken up 8.30. While I was preparing theirs breakfast, breastfeeding baby and trying to make my smoothie on the go ... I just forgot that I have a Parent Meetup in the city. Well, I decided to go out,… Continue reading My outdoor office!