My Story

I'm a mom of 3 girls, a wife and driven entrepreneur. My passion are Zumba and chocolate … lots of chocolate. I love children and all my life I was dreaming to have a big family. My girls bring me happiness and they are my drive to set big goals and to achieve them so we can enjoy comfortable life without stress. 

10264199_10209284826059520_3043337807501835557_oWork life balance is therefore extremely important to me and spending quality time with people I love. As an entrepreneurial minded woman I always had a vission to own a business, to have an opportunity to be my own boss and to achieve my own dreams, not somebody else's. To be able to work under my own conditions, where, when and with whom I want!

I'm enthusiastic Healthy Lifestyle and Business coach for driven, goal oriented mums. I'm helping mums to create a location independent business. A business which can give YOU both, financial and time freedom so you can spend time on things that are important to you! 

My entrepreneurial skills and experiences goes back to 2003 when we started with Fashion accessories retail stores. I have completed my professional skills with bachelor degree in Entrepreneurship and postgraduate Master program in Management at Faculty of economics University of Ljubljana. Additionaly I have studied at Stockholm University Business Institute. 

As a global health and business coach I'm offering you a great opportunity and unlimited possibilities such as:

  • healthier life by using our great range of aloe based products
  • earning an extra income
  • meeting new people
  • having fun at work
  • working from home
  • work life balance
  • personal development and to
  • DREAM BIG and make dreams come true.